A sweet solution for diabetes

InRange / InRange

InRange came to us with the idea of building a mobile app which helps diabetics quickly and accurately track their blood glucose levels. Since none of us was diabetic, we spent first few weeks learning about diabetes. Around 9% of the adult world population is diagnosed with diabetes and it is responsible for 1,5 - 4,9 million of deaths annually. Besides being a huge health risk, diabetes is also a very time consuming disease, that can take up to 2 hours per day to track, write down and calculate. That translates roughly into 720 hours per year, or 30 days per year.

So, we built a simple to use app, ready for all three types of diabetes, that calculates your recommended boluses during the day and stores all your blood glucose levels, meals and activities into a logbook which can be shared with the patients doctor. But most importantly we managed to reduce the average time person spends dealing with diabetes from 2 hours to 10 minutes per day. That is more than 27 days per year that people can spend doing other things.

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Home made tool for finding fresh color combinations

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During our studies we talked a lot about colors and how different people use specific color schemes. Together with [Dan Adlešič](http://danadlesic.com/) and Matic Potočnik we built a simple tool Colory to help find fresh color combinations. It has a clean interface and lets you use your camera, import your own photos and change the color values. Unlike other complicated algorithm-based apps Colory lets you decide what combinations go together by showing you a random color with every click on a square. While the web version is just a preview, desktop Colory Pro is a full feature application that you can download for free if you follow the link below.