Kickstarting a revolution in personal transport

FlyKly / FlyKly

FlyKly is a lightweight and highly efficient pedal assist that fits on practically any bicycle. Most of us use cycling as a means of transportation and we know a thing or two about Kickstarter so we were a perfect match. FlyKly needed the photos to display the elegance of its technology. We provided a set of skills and people to bring this story to life. They also ended up using our very own Boomhauer & Donkeyhorse’s music for their video. Campaign went on kickstarter to become respectively the most funded project in the region. It raised more than $700.000 by 2.358 backers. During the Kickstarter frenzy, we learned the importance of a community that ignited an electronic bike trend.

photography, music, web consulting

FlyKly Kickstarter video made by a great team led by our friend Andraž Jerič and with music produced by our own Boomhauer & Donkeyhorse.

We took over the town’s hottest club for a season

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K4 is the iconic underground nightlife destination of Ljubljana that has produced some of the pioneers of Slovene electronic music. However, in recent years the club had started to lose its edge (and visitors) and was in need of a reset. Joining forces with local graffiti artists, we emblazoned the interior with fluorescent glow in the dark tags. Every wall from the toilets to the dance floor is an illuminated head trip. We then took the campaign to the streets, with a series of posters designed by over 20 Slovenian artists, illustrators and designers to let the word be heard. Our intervention succeeded in bringing back the old underground vibe and 20% more visitors compared to the previous two years.